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The physician specialists of Sierra Anesthesia, want you and your family to feel secure and well informed with the medical specialty of anesthesiology. Our main goal is to provide you with the best anesthetic care as well as safe relief from pain during your surgery and immediately afterwards in your recovery phase. Through communication and education we hope to provide quality patient care, and ensure the most appropriate decisions about your care have been made.

Anesthesia is given to patients to inhibit pain, sedate the body and also regulate various bodily functions in surgery. Medications that are used in anesthesia are given intravenously or through inhalation.

All of the physician members of Sierra Anesthesia are Doctors of Medicine who have completed four years of medical school. Following medical school these physicians have also received four to five additional years of specialized medical training in the field of anesthesiology, which includes pain management and critical care medicine.

The physicians also understand that in order to provide quality patient care, you must feel comfortable in communicating your concerns. With this understanding, we are sure your experience with Sierra Anesthesia will be a positive one.