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Physician Only Anesthesia

An anesthesia provider with the highest level of education is a physician. Sierra Anesthesia is a physician only practice, we do not use anesthesia nurses known as CRNA’s and we do not use anesthesia assistants known as AA’s. When you receive care from Sierra Anesthesia, a physician will always be the one attending to your anesthetic needs.

Our physicians have received 4 years of education in an undergraduate program, 4 years of medical school education, 1 year of education in a transitional internship program, 3 years of education in an anesthesia residency program, and some physicians have received an additional year of training in an anesthesia fellowship program.

In addition, all of the physicians in Sierra Anesthesia are  board certified or in the board certification process. Board certification bouncy castle means the physicians have the highest level of training and have received the highest level of certification in the field of anesthesiology.

For additional information on anesthesia and anesthesia specific education you can go the American Society of Anesthesiologist website. The link below will direct you to their site.


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