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Sierra Anesthesia

Founded in 1986, Sierra Anesthesia is a physician-owned anesthesia practice. Sierra Anesthesia is an integral part of the medical community in Northern Nevada. The physicians of Sierra Anesthesia provide anesthesiology and pain management services at most of the hospital’s and surgery centers in the Reno and Sparks metropolitan areas.

We are a physician only practice. When you are receiving patient care from Sierra Anesthesia, you are receiving care from the highest trained individuals in the field of anesthesia.

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Mission Statement: The Mission of Sierra Anesthesia is to deliver the highest possible level of measurable quality anesthesia care to all patients. In order to achieve this mission, Sierra Anesthesia will implement common general professional and ethical standards, while providing flexibility that allows for the independent judgment of each Anesthesia provider necessary to respond to the unique demands of each patient.

Statement of Values: In all interactions with patients, physicians, allied healthcare providers, hospital management, and employees, the Anesthesia Providers of Sierra Anesthesia will conduct themselves in a manner that encourages and fosters a high quality working environment to provide the highest quality of healthcare. In doing so, Anesthesia providers will treat all people respectfully, courteously, and professionally.